Xantham Gum Thickener Recipe for Reflux

2T of Xantham Gum powder

1-2  16.9 fluid oz of bottled water (I tend to end up using 1.5 bottles)

Blender (preferably with a lid with a hole so you can add things while it’s on)

Put in 1 bottle of water.  Start the blender on a low setting.  Slowly add in 1T of the Xantham Gum powder.  Let the blender run for 20-30 seconds and you will notice the mixture thickening quickly.  Add a little more water if the mixture is thick.  If the consistency is to your liking, stop here.  If not, add another 1T of Xantham Gum and a half to another full bottle of water.  I prefer the mixture to stick to the spoon slightly when done so I usually end up using 1.5 bottles of 16.9 fluid oz of water and 2T of Xantham gum.  It depends on how thick you need your breastmilk or formula to be.*

For us, I use 1T of thickener (and it’s thick enough I need to scrape the sides of the tablespoon with my finger) to a bottle of 7oz. of breastmilk.  I also use a little earth’s best oatmeal as well.

TIP*: If you are thickening formula, don’t use too much water, hence you don’t want a watery thickener.  If it is watery, then cut down on the water you use to make the formula.  Babies need a certain amount of sodium and if their formula is too watered down, this can cause them problems.  Please be careful when using this method for formula.

Chicken Avocado Soup (click to get recipe) Luke loves this soup!  I make it hearty by adding diced up sweet potatoes, carrots and brown rice.  I also use an organic, low sodium chicken broth.  Wild Harvest makes one that only has 130 mg sodium per serving.  I also often leave out the cilantro and lime.  Season to your taste, but I rarely need to add any additional salt or pepper so we eat it the same way we give it to Luke.  For baby led weaning, I sometimes will spear pieces of sweet potatoes or chicken and have Luke feed himself while I spoon feed him broth and the rest.  He loves it!

Greek Avgolemono Chicken Soup Receipe (click to get receipe)  This was recommended by our speech therapist.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will update our thoughts on it once we do!

Breakfast Tacos: (corn tortillas, tomatoes, eggs, bacon or sausage, olive oil, salt and pepper): Slice tomatoes into wedges and place into a baking pan.  Sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper on top and bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 (broil for last few minutes if you like it blackened).  While these are baking, scramble some eggs and fry them up with your bacon or sausage.  Heat up your tortillas in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (longer if they have been refrigerated).  Compile your tacos by spooning your scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, crumbled bacon or sausage and whatever else suits your fancy (cheese, hot sauce, grilled onions, whatever you like).  Eat them up while they’re hot!

Gluten Free Meatballs:

2 lbs ground meat, 1C cornflakes (can substitute other corn or rice based gluten free cereal), 1/3C chopped parsley, 2 eggs, 2T soy sauce (I prefer to use Coconut Aminos from Vitamin Shoppe since coconut is an anti-inflammatory and soy is not recommended for the thyroid), 1/4t pepper, 1/3C ketchup, 2T dry minced onion or use diced real onion.  Combine all ingredients and shape into individual balls about an inch in diameter.  Place in baking dish and cover with marinara sauce.  Put in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes to cook.  Check to ensure it is cooked properly through before serving.  Serve with gluten free pasta (Trader Joes Brown Rice Pasta or Pasta D’Oro are good options).  You can also pan fry a piece of gluten free bread in butter (or oil based spread if dairy free) and sprinkle it with garlic powder.  Or leave it out and have some nice buttered bread with the pasta and meatballs.

Gluten Free Tacos:

Corn torillas or hard corn based taco shells, gluten free taco seasoning (click to view recipe), olive oil, ground beef or turkey or pork, all the fixings you want (shredded lettuce, salsa, guacamole, brown rice, and sour cream or cheese if you can have dairy – Daiya cheddar cheese shreds if you are dairy free).  Warm up some olive oil in a frying pan.  Fry the ground up meat in the pan until cooked.  Drain remaining fat.  Sprinkle taco seasoning to taste into the meat.  Assemble meat and fixings into tortilla or corn based taco shells.  Serve with corn tortilla chips and rice.

Gluten Free Almond/Peanut Noodles:

Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Pad Thai Noodles (click to view on Amazon but can get in some grocery stores), 1/4C gluten free soy sauce (I prefer to use Coconut Aminos from Vitamin Shoppe since coconut is an anti-inflammatory and soy is not recommended for the thyroid), 1/4C almond butter crunchy (I use the one from Trader Joes – you can also use peanut butter), 1/4C of vinegar (I like the coconut vinegar from Vitamin Shoppe but you can use rice vinegar or other vinegars based on preference), agave syrup to taste (I use less than a 1/4C), and paprika.  You can also pan fry some tofu, shrimp, scallops or your favorite meat to toss with the noodles.  Cook the noodles according to directions.  Pan fry the seafood/meat.  Meanwhile, stir together almonds, GF soy sauce (or substitute), vinegar, agave syrup and add a dash of paprika (or more depending on your palette).  Drain noodles and toss with protein and sauce.

Gluten Free Lettuce Wraps:

1/4C gluten free soy sauce (see comments for Noodles recipe above for substitute recommendation), 1/4C ketchup, 2T vinegar (see above for substitute recommendation), 2t dry mustard, 1t garlic powder, 1/2t ground ginger, 1/2t ground pepper, 1 20 oz. ground turkey (or beef or pork), 1 can of water chestnuts diced, 1C shredded carrots, 2/3C green onions, lettuce leaves.  Combine in a bowl, soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, mustard, garlic powder, ginger and pepper- set aside.  Cook meat and drain fat.  Add soy mixture and water chestnuts to meat.  Stir to combine.  Add carrots and green onions.  Spoon mixture into lettuce leaves.  Serve as appetizer or serve with rice as a main meal.

Fried Pork Chop or Chicken Breast:

Chicken breast or boneless pork chops, gluten free chex or rice krispies cereal, egg, gluten free flour, salt, pepper.  Crush cereal in plastic baggie.  Set aside.  Pound meat to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness, depending on how you like it.  Place gluten free flour in bowl or baggie with salt and pepper.  Scramble an egg and dip the meat in the egg.  Take out and toss in flour mixture.  Dip back into egg mixture and then dip into cereal mixture.  Deep fry or pan fry until meat is cooked.

Peach Pork Chop:

4 boneless pork chops
Garlic salt
Olive oil
Canned peaches – halved

Sprinkle both sides of chops with cumin and garlic salt. Coat lightly with olive oil. Fry in frying pan 3-4 minutes each side. Put in shallow baking pan and cover with canned peaches and juice. Put in 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes depending on thickness of chop. Bob also makes a sauce with the drippings by adding BBQ sauce to the frying pan. We serve with brown rice and veggies.

Glutino Gluten Free Cornbread Modified Recipe (click to view mix):

1.) Preheat oven to 425. Measure out 1T of lemon juice into a 2C measuring cup. Add rice or coconut milk until you have 1 1/3 C of liquid. Place aside for 10 minutes so that the lemon juice can react to the milk substitute (essentially a buttermilk substitute). You may see a layer of “foam” so you know that it’s working, but that may not happen with all dairy substitutes.

2.) Melt 6T of organic, extra virgin coconut oil (I like the flavor and it’s good for you!) into a heated cast iron skillet on low-medium low. Once it is all melted (it melts fast and you don’t want the skillet to be too hot), turn off the stove. Add in 1/3 C of white sugar (you can substitute if you’d like) and whisk in 1 egg quickly. The egg may start to cook if the skillet is too hot. If so, immediately add your buttermilk substitute to cool it down. Then add half of the buttermilk substitute and half of the GF Pantry cornbread mix in. Mix well. Then, add the rest of the buttermilk substitute and rest of the mix. I like to add in 1T of molasses for flavor.

3.) Bake in oven for 25 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!


Message me if you have a great gluten free recipe to share!


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