31 for 21: Luke’s favorite things (original)

So I found the draft of the original post I thought I had lost forever, so I’m sharing it now even though part of it is redundant so I apologize!  I also may repeat some of these pics and clips when I post of therapy through play in the future.  But he’s cute so you won’t mind, right?

This post is for my own selfish pleasure. With the ton of pictures sitting in iPhoto, which I can’t navigate well, it is nice to have a post of all the favorite things your little ones love to do. They grow up so fast!

1.) Baths! This is an old picture of Luke because these days, I usually put a bathing suit on and put Luke in a swim diaper and we take a “family” bath in the big jetted tub in our new house so no chance for pictures now. Is that TMI? It probably is, but it’s so much fun to take a bath your boys if they are young enough to want to do it!  Luke loves to splash around and play with the containers of water. One of my favorite ways to bond with the boys 🙂

2.) Pulling to stand and getting into everything, especially the refrigerator!  We have one of those fridges whose handles run the whole side of both doors so very easy to open!  He loves trying to rattle the bottles around on the second shelf, and fortunately hasn’t taken any out yet!


3.) Much to my husband’s dismay, Luke loves to unravel toilet paper!  Once he unraveled a whole roll!

4.) This is actually combining two of his favorite things: his tunnel and his bouncy house!  He and his brother even crawled through the tunnel down the slide!  Tons of fun, who wouldn’t love this?  

5.) Tackling and playing with his older brother. Good old brotherly love!

6.) Luke loves to swing on his Playaway Rainy Day Indoor Playground platform swing!  We bought it directly from the manufacturer Playaway and they gave us a great deal on a cosmetic defect item, which saved us a bundle!  They are an awesome company whose product are great quality and so easy to set up!  I totally recommend buying directly from them. They have a 14 year old nephew with Down syndrome who doesn’t love very far from us and were a pleasure to talk to!

7.) playing on the keyboard. Now this is the mother of cause and effect toys!  It is a Yamaha keyboard we got as a gift for our older son, but Luke loves this thing! The keys light up as you play it and it plays a ton of pre-recorded songs!  Such fun!
8.) and we can’t forget about eating! Luke has been an little picky lately, maybe due to teething or a cold but he’s done baby led weaning so he’s gotten really good at self feeding!


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