31 for 21: Luke’s favorite things #1

So I spent over an hour creating a post yesterday of Luke’s favorite things, and at 1am, #7 crashed the blogging app (must have been the videos!) without saving a thing, so I’ve decided to try again and do one item at a time. It’s not necessarily to stretch posts out for the challenge (and I’ve already missed a few days due to illnesses), but I also like having these sweet moments in one place since there are a ton of photos in iPhoto, which I still don’t know how to navigate well!

#1.) Unraveling toilet paper. Luke is totally into textures and eating paper whenever he can. In fact, I forgot to take away a sticker from him that he got at the doctor’s office today (for a sinus infection) and he ate 2/3 of it by the time we got home!  But I digress.  Whenever we forget to close the bathroom door, we find him surrounded by unraveled toilet paper and once he unraveled almost an entire roll!

Here he is in action:

I love the mischievous look he gives me since he knows he shouldn’t be doing this! So despite the mess it makes, his smile makes it all worth it!


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