31 for 21: A day in the life

So there is a site out there called a Day in the Life with Down Syndrome (click here to learn more) and it’s very easy to participate, especially if you are into social media, which I’m not but this project inspired me to get off my tush and get involved!  So I created my Instagram account, used Phonto to create a cool poster picture of Luke featured here (thanks to a mommy blogger who clued me into this awesome app!), signed up for YouTube (yes I know I am behind on all this!) and posted away!  All you need to do is add #lifewithDS in Instagram posts and fill out a form on their site to share videos or posts. 

So in honor of that project, I thought I would share with you what our day was like. First of all, I’m recovering from a stomach bug and the high sugars fallout from that, so I haven’t felt like myself lately. Despite that, we enjoyed both OT and DT therapies outside and Luke did great swinging, sliding, playing with toys on the blanket and just basking in some vitamin d filled rays. Mild fall weather is perfect for some outdoor therapies and we have a perfect yard for it!

While inside, we had a plumber fix a leak from a previous job (hopefully they will fix the huge hole in our ceiling), which we discovered this past weekend along with a nest blocking our exhaust so our heat wasn’t working, which is part of why Luke’s head was being held in the picture above since he hasn’t slept well probably because of the lack of heat at night. He usually slouches or tilts his head when he’s very tired. Not the best part of our week…

But after a good nap, Luke is rested up for more fun!  Lately, he has been into the Wiggles and his favorite songs are Hot Potato and Rockabye your Bear. He has a mini piano Wiggles toy (a favorite inherited from his brother) that has buttons that plays 4 songs and he plays these 2 over and over!  But he’s made up a game where during the Bear’s Now Asleep part of the song, he will crawl behind me and sit out of sight in hiding. At which point, I go “where is Luke?” And he touches my back to let me know where he is. Then I bend over on my knees with them spread, and Luke crawls between my legs and laughs while I snuggle his neck.  It is a great end to my day. In fact, Luke always knows how to make me feel better, and my time with him and my older son are the best parts of my day!


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